FaceLab 1.0.0 Released!

We’re happy to announce that FaceLab has now been published! Enjoy 🙂

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Free version of Aurora magnifus

Hi there!

A free version of aurora magificus is now available for those who would like to check it out.

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The pixlemuchies HQ has now moved to beautiful Bali. There are worse places to do android development.

Stay tuned for our next app: Facelab!

All the best!

Aurora on youtube!

Ah, at last! Pixelmunchies has moved into the 21st century! There is now a youtube video if you want to check out what i spent a couple of weeks on in the Philippines. Hacking and backpacking mixes like lime and cachaca 🙂

All the best!

New country, new project

Hi all!

Now I’ve rebased the office to east coast Australia(absolutely lovely weather this time of year) and started a new project: “FaceLab”. The backbone has been lying around in git for some  time, but I’m now dusting this off, making it all pretty & neat. The result will be a face laboratory application in which you can manipulate and combine faces with a mad-professor GUI.

A full beta should be ready in a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned!

Aurora magnificus released!

I’m very proud to announce that the live wallpaper has now been published!

This is not only my first product, it is also hard evidence proving that it is possible to develop applications while backpacking: 36-hour ferry trips, snorkeling with whale sharks and San Miguel pilsen actually seems to be aiding the process!

I’d like to think that this is the best Northern lights live wallpaper in the world, giving your device that extra sparkle!

Thanks to all of you betatesters, I could not have finalized this without you.

Sneak a peak, and please review it once you’re happy 🙂

Get it on Google Play


Release candidate!

A full release is coming closer!

I’ve uploaded a release candidate, and if nothing major is discovered the wallpaper will soon be on the market. Surf into this page with your phone and click on the icon below to download and then install the live paper once it is downloaded.

Aurora release candidate

Feedback is much appriciated, as always:)

All the best!


Hi again!

Thanks all of you who tested the first beta version. It looks good over all but one nasty startup/initilization bug causes the wallpaper to crash on some phones, but hopefully the issue is now resolved. Please try again using the link below:


Arctic spring

If it still fails, please mail me the log(hans/at/pixelmunchies.com) – it will be generated on the sd card (aurora.trace)).

Working on a preference menu and spending a lot of time in the water among sea turtles on the heavenly Apo island. Some debugging, tweaking and theme designing remains before the market release but progress is according to plan.

Thanks, and don’t panic.

Aurora magificus beta

Hi again,

I have now reached betastatus for the Aurora magificus live wallpaper, and it is ready for you to test!

Two versions are available with different themes – let me know which one you like better! Note: you have to allow the APK “from an unknown source” to run on your phone to be able to test this, but this is easy enough to do in the settings.

Just surf in to pixelmuchies.com with your phone and click on the images below or install the APKs via ADB.

Comments, bugreports and suggestions for improvements are most welcome 🙂

A prefrences menu will be added and I will continue to tweak the graphics during the upcoming two weeks before the market release.

Technicolor tonic


Arctic spring







Hi there!

In between snorkeling with whale sharks, taking 5-hour busrides through the Philippino countryside and navigating through the local food(best mangoes in the world!) and beverages(San Miguel originates from the Philippines apparently) I’ve actually managed to hack away att my first project “Aurora”(working title). Sine/cosine fiddeling and perspective transformations came back like bicycling from my democoding days, great fun!

The milestone for the beta realease is set for end of this week, and it looks like there won’t be any need for weekendwork 🙂

Stay tuned all willing betatesters, I’ll post a beta apk before the weekend!

All the best from the southern tip of Cebu!


Hello world.

Hi there!

Welcome to pixelmunchies, this will shortly be a good source for new, cool, android applications and for insight into the life of a nomadic hacker.

Take care, and take it easy.